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Postby Barry » Sun Jan 03, 2016 2:01 pm

3rd January 2016

and so here we go....last year was the best of years and the worst of years. Lots of celebrations and retrospectives with great people in interesting places for my 60th. all great fun, but pushing me into danger of being an old fart who just talks and reflects on previous work. Now is the time to move forward, and to get out of debt caused by people not paying money owed for work done, and now is definitely the time where I have to move projects forward, new projects. I have to get the feature going, the feature that I worked so hard on. I'm a bit worried that Anomalisa may have stolen our thunder - suddenly people are talking about stop motion, especially stop motion for adults, as if it has just been invented. And shock horror, the idea of puppets having sex seems to be a new idea. Afraid not.
Darn I hope I can be creative and judicious with money and actually earn a living this year.
May we all do that.
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