February 22nd 2017

Animated day to day happenings

February 22nd 2017

Postby Barry » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:40 pm

And as it happens I am over in Barcelona doing a week of animation workshops at BUA or is it BAU? I was here last year. A great bunch of students, but I think they are a little worn down after a week last week of animation workshops from a prestigious Laika animator. I must be a bit of a come down for them. I'm trying to keep it fresh and am throwing in all manner of other stuff, but today the exercises rather defeated them. Walking tomorrow. Still they are enjoying the films I have been showing them even if Rigoletto totally confused them and left them rather numb.
It's odd being away in the middle, well near the end actually of Twirlies, and my head is racing with shots that are hopefully being shot. And I should be at the theatre too, looking after the building of my Secret garden set, but here I am in a hotel in a rather neutral part of Barcelona eating Jaffa cakes. There are a lot of trips coming up that I can't refuse, but I have tried to keep the disruption to a minimum. I hope young Monty is alright.
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