October 8th 2011

October 8th 2011

Postby Barry » Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:45 pm

More ups and downs really. I wish I had more encouraging news to talk about. A week of acclaim and job rejections. I did a most enjoyable talk over in Halifax for Creative Calderdale, in a beautiful venue with good food and good company, but then there were two job rejections when I got back. Not even an interview. Very dispiriting. A commercial raised its head - a christmas one with a deadline of only a few weeks, but much discussion and fannying over budgets, and the time has ticked away, and even if we get it, I don't know how we could do it in time, unless it became so basic that it simply isn't interesting. I fear there has been too much talk that it won't happen now.

I do wish agencies and so forth would understand the amount of work and preparation that has to go into animation. It's not that we are indulgent. It's just what is necessary. I heard a phrase on tV this week that seemed to sum up the joy of animation and why I love this technique over others - control and chance. I fear I might use that now in every talk.

The two films are being lined up for a considerable amount of screenings. i simply can't afford to go to most of them. My efforts now must be about getting a job, but I'm glad the films are getting out there.

Creative Calderdale was a great fun evening, in an old methodist church with a stunning backdrop of the hills. A lot of diverse creative people in one room, all facing the same problems of funding. So much enthusiasm, but little outlet. I wish I was in a postion to help people.
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