MAY 2014

MAY 2014

Postby Barry » Sat May 17, 2014 2:35 pm

May 17th 2014

Darn, where did those weeks go? Well head down over the series I guess, and with several trips to 120 miles away (good breakfasts though) for numerous production meetings. The series is pretty full on, and we have reached the familiar stage of having an awful lot of episodes in the head and it certainly gets somewhat confusing. But good.

I was taken out to dinner by an animation tutor from Pittsburg and his students. A great jolly evening, and I guess I did perform but this audience was lapping it all up. A great bunch of students.

Yes still smarting from the rejection from two big projects I applied for - smarting for big rejected on not being experienced enough! Smarting from the narrow mindedness of the companies not seeing that certain skills can be adapted to whatever medium and project. Ah well, who knows what else there is lurking, and indeed there have been several exciting conference calls.
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