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Classic shorts

PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:08 pm
by Barry
Here's a link to Anthony Scott's wonderful site, where someone has posted some truly classic short stop motion films......I'm happy that a certain William Shakespeare has made himself known. ... s-to-watch

one of my favourites....

PostPosted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:27 pm
by Barry ... ture=share

oh do enjoy this....I loved this so much when I first saw it, and esepcially the handcrafting. You can imagine this done in CG today and losing much of it's charm and achievement.

Re: Classic shorts - Oh Willie

PostPosted: Mon Sep 23, 2013 6:21 pm
by Barry
Oh please, please please watch this film. It is a true masterpiece and without doubt my favourite film of recent years. So moving, and inventive and utterly joyous. And with Wagner, and much nudity. Ah I love animation. ...

Re: Classic shorts - Overtime

PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:05 pm
by Barry
and another classic movie, saying all you need to know about animation, in just four minutes. And it's made by three French students. Amazing. ... ata_player