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Postby Barry » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:36 pm

Hi guys, and so it finally looks as if I am writing a book, and I would love as many of you as you can to contribute. The aim of this book is to share the experience of being a professional stop motion animator, to explain why we have such a passion for it, and to inspire others. I’ll be looking for anecdotes, detailed analyses of favourite scenes, tips, trivia, bits of history, and useful insights. I particularly want to talk to people who have made their own films, and what inspired them with that story, and how they shaped that story, what compromises were made, what new tricks were used, what mistakes were made, what was successful, and how satisfying was the whole experience. I want to cover the whole range from commercial children’s television, through independent short films, to full blown feature films. I want to find out what qualities and backgrounds people have that have made then good animators. I want to try to work out why we love stop-motion so much, as opposed to other techniques, and just what is it about this medium and puppets that strikes such a deep chord with us, and, hopefully the audiences. I’ll want to see if there are stories and subjects more appropriate to stop-motion than other techniques. Hopefully I can have contributions from people in all aspect of production, from design, through voice work, to music, not just animators. I’ll also include a list of significant films and moments of the last 100 years, with your help. I'll also talk to dancers and people for whom movement and acting is a profession.

This is not going to be a dry technical ‘How to animate’ book, but more a passionate ‘Why animate’ book, but with enough useful creative tips to help animators. I don’t want to use the book to attack or criticise, but want to use the book to celebrate this strange art and the people involved. I’m happy to chat to fans of stop-motion as well to find out what attracts them. I’d also be very happy to hear from people who work with puppets in the broader sense.

I would your involvement to be in the form of a guided conversation with me, either directly or through MSN. If this is difficult, then I can send out a very detailed list of questions and you need only answer the ones you want to. I would love this to be a personal intimate and in depth book about something we all feel very strongly.
If you feel you would like to contribute please get in touch with me initially through a private message on my website. I will be looking to use any photos you care to contribute in the nature of behind the scenes photos or of early designs, storyboards etc. Anything that shows the creative and personal process. These will, of course, be duly credited.

I look forward to chatting to you all.
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Postby chopkins » Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:46 pm

Good luck barry!
Looking forward to that!
Get some stories from oatsy, am sure he can provide some entertainment! :D
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