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Postby Barry » Fri Sep 01, 2006 5:54 pm

well the one eyed, white suited, tailess mouse has been everywhere this week due to not only the complete set of episodes being released on DVD, but also the announcement that the BBC are now going to be transmitting the episodes very soon. He's also on a poll to find the greatest man of British Justice and DM is currently second to Sherlock Holmes. Steed would be up there for me. No Poirot interestingly though Miss Marple makes the top ten.
It will be good to see Dangermouse again. My connection is only as a not very good paint and trace artist. All that white - very hard to keep the consistency, and to keep in the lines. Afraid it was not my finest hour.
But do go and buy the DVD, and Chorlton, and Wind in the Willows.
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