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Postby Barry » Sat Sep 30, 2006 4:20 pm

This month's Empire magazine lists at least five feature films being made or are about to be released about Magicians and Illusionists, most of them set at the turn of the century. You'll know I'm hugely interested in this period, and have raved about Carter Beats the Devil and Hiding the Elephant, two stunnng books aobut Magicians. Carter is in development. I'm very excited but sad that I didn't get there first with this trend. i so wanted to make a film about Pepper's Ghost, especially as the ghost really was not Pepper's at all. But it is odd how suddenly there are so many films coming out - could this be an audience getting a little tired of sophisticated CG effects and wanting the more personal and direct smoke and mirrors. They have always been my favourite.
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