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Cosgrove Hall's 30th....

Postby Barry » Mon Nov 06, 2006 11:06 pm

November 6th 2006
I've just got back from a very good bash for Cosgrove Hall 30th, in the ballroom of the brand new Hilton in Manchester. well I think it officially opens tomorrow, but it was certainly a good do. The night was made for some of our guys as they met Alex Ferguson in the lobby. But a good chunk of the history of British animation was at our do, and Mark was there as sprightly as ever, charming everyone, and so happy to chat to the newest animators about films they watched whent hey were a kid. Pete Lord had made it up from Bristol, though not dressed as a parrot as I believe he was at the Aardman 30th a couple of months back. There was a very good showreel with 15 seconds from every series and film Cosgrove Hall have produced,a nd there were certainly some memories there. I could be biased but the puppet films (mostly)) have aged far better than the drawn ones. Toadie and Danger Mouse still look fantastic. A lot of people had put so much work into this do, and it went very well. Good food, and a great, if rather loud (but I am a fuddy duddy) band, with the main singer dancing with some of our girls as he sang. The evening was an appropriate celebration of this pretty amazing company. Nice to see to everyone turned out so smartly, having a darn good time, and probably having a darn good time way into tomorrow. I left after three hours which is almost a record for me, and must say something. I was born without the party gene.
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