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Postby Barry » Mon Nov 20, 2006 11:28 pm

Oh dear this mean confessing to watchign I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here! Well it was a ahrd day and I was being a vegetable, but in one of the ad breaks was a commercial for a headache tablet that involved a computer generated medical maanequin sitting on a desk taking his various organs out and then reassambling them....exactly as happened in a commercial I did for the Dutch National Health service eight years ago. Mine though was a puppet, and the joke was that since he had taken his brain out he couldn't remember where to put his organs back and his penis ended up on his ear! Those crazy Dutch! But, and again it's hard to say this without blowing a trumpet, the animation of the new commercial was the sort of undynamic syrupy animation that has everything moving slowly the whole time, and that gives CG a bad name. Not because I animated it, but the puppet version was much more punchy with clearer movementsm abd didn't feel as if everything was made out of elastic. Most CG can be brilliant (ah, watching Gollum last night!!), but some is not.
Did anyone else see it. It annoyed me as it had so obviously been taken from the commercial eight years ago. The puppet from that film, which is sat about two feet away, became a bit of a star and met the Dutch Prime Minister live on TV.
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