The science of Sleep......

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The science of Sleep......

Postby chopkins » Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:15 pm

.....the new film by Michel Gondry.

We have had a good 12 months so far with alternate fantasy favrate so far being Pans Labrynth. Aand here's another, the science of sleep. This has pretty much all of gondry's ideas that he has used in his music videos in one film, but its a treat to see these ideas come together and the film is littered with stopmotion animation, which makes a pleasant change to all the cg thats being used in films these days.
If you liked eternal sunshine, then expect more of the same surreal imagry.....and yeah its overly sentementel, but thats the nature of the beast, Gondry is good at illustrating the mental states of human it with memory, or with dreams....
see it!
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