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Postby Barry » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:13 pm

24th September 2007

And a sad farewell to Marcel Marceau. I saw him perform just once, in Sadlers Wells, and was hugely impressed, but I did find that very pure style of mime very cold and clinical, and the absolute silence of the act disconcerting. I'm afraid I like mimes such as Nola Rae who use props, costumes, and work with the audience. they just don't talk. But there is no doubting his enormous talent. Maybe it was harder to warm to him because of the shoddy, innaccurate and sloppy impersonations from the likes of Kenny Everett - oh that he should have had an ounce of the physical discipline and control of Marceau. I do admire such control, but it saddens me that such lesser talent just need to put on a stripey jumper and get stuck in a glass box to take the piss out of a much greater craft and skill. I hope most animators got the chance to see Marceau for this control, his clarlity of line and timing. We could learn so much from mime.
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