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Postby Barry » Sun Oct 21, 2007 10:31 pm

Most interesting. In ten days at the Hampstead Theatre in London is a play by Anthony Sher called The Giant, which deals with themes of sexuality and creativity, through looking at a meeting between Michelangelo and Leonardo whilst David was being sculpted. About fifteen years ago I wrote a half hour script with the writer Lin Sagovky for an animated piece where Michelangelo and David talked about creativity and sexuality, who was responsible for each other's fame. We were very pleased with it and imagined, or hoped, that there might be a whole series about creators talking to their creations. Hardly a new idea, but animation could give an extra element. Beatrix Potter chatting away with Hunca Munca or Jeremy Fisher, HGWells with the Invisible Man, or the list was endless. But I'm both sad to see The Giant (ours was called Talking with Giants) and glad that the scenario has seen the light of day. Lin and I were at university together, with the actor, as it happens, who is playing Leonardo. No, I'm not hinting at any conspiracy, but just look what a higher profile can do. The credibility leads to a certain creative queue jumping.
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