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Changes in todays indusrty

Postby Pablo69 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:06 pm

Hi guys, Barry,

I'm currently studying animation in my third year and it's dissertation time and I would like you help! I'm writing about how the rapid change in technology is effecting the animation industry, is the role of the animator changing? Is it all going towards CGI? Is 2d and stop-frame dieing out? Or is it technology for technologies sake? I read a post on hear a while ago about how animation isn't cool anymore which was really interesting! I'd like to hear your views and arguments as I'm sure there is plenty! Where is the future for upcoming animators who are looking for jobs to pay the bills?! Your views will be much appreciated! Thanks guys!

Kind regards

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Postby Barry » Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:46 am

Hi Paul, and good to have you here.
Ok just something to get you started. Technology has certainly changed the way stop motion aniamtors physically work, probably for the better. When I started (crikey that's going back a few decades) the animators had no immediate record of their animation, there was no video playback at all, which led to the animator having to be much more in the moment, much more focused with intense concentration. There was a lot to remember especially in a spatial sense. Now the animators can see the result of a move and fine tune it, getting an accurate sense of how the scene is playing as it is played. This has to enable a greater degree of finesse, but possibly this safety net takes away the instinctive decisions that were made without technology, and maybe takes away a bit of the spontaneity. Swings and roundabouts really, but the important thing to remember at all times is the performance, and if technolgoy can help then that is an asset.
Certainly technology has reinvented editing and camera work and post production - and elimenated the the ghastly experience of watching rushes in deadly silence. Now we can see the shot instantly and judge whether it needs reshooting. Rushes were a painful naked experience.
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Postby Pablo69 » Tue Oct 30, 2007 10:43 am

Hi Barry,

Thanks alot, that's great! I'll be heading down to the Flip Festival on Saturday so I'm hoping to get lots more info and I'm really looking forward to your talk! Thanks again!

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