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the eathquake

Postby Barry » Wed Feb 27, 2008 5:46 pm

February 26th 2008
For many other countries earthquakes are common and more damaging but in the UK they are pretty rare, and certainly ones of the magnitude we had this morning are most uncommon. At 1.00 most people were asleep, and I was dozing fretting about Aladdin (don't ask!) and la Cage Aux Folles and the Beatles (again don't ask), when in the darkness I literally thought someone had leapt violently onto the bed and was shaking it. the initial thought was to think the worse, and the second thought was to protect the sadly absent Inigo. But after a few seconds of being thrown about, and after realising I wasn't levitating so it wasn't supernatual, an earthquake seemed the natural conclusion. It didn't trigger any alarms or dogs as I thought it might do, but one thought occured to me was that though I was wobbling away in bed, nothing else seemed to be moving, though of course it was as it was all moving as one. Unlike the films where everything shakes, the whole room just wobbled. In my strange state of mind I thought, yes you do need to see a move move against somthing for it to register. Thinking of animation under those cirumstances...daft ha'porth!. But everyone has been seriously unsettled, and whilst local news teams have struggled to find something interesting to shoot (broken tiles artfuly arranged on the road seem to be the apex of reportage), most people did have a sickening split second thought that they were being attacked in their bedroom. That has lingered all day, as has the brief awareness of something bigger going on.
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