you know you are an animator when.....

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you know you are an animator when.....

Postby Barry » Fri Apr 04, 2008 9:02 am

This id doing the rounds on Facebook. Not terribly witty or perceptive but......I'm sure we can add our own thoguhts
You Know You're an Animator When...
Type: Entertainment & Arts - Comics & Animation
Description: You Know You're an Animator When...

You think about the how many frames it would take to animate when you see your friends walking

A bouncing ball is much more complicated than it looks

Besides the 'compelling storylines' anime really does suck

MAYA is not just the name of a girl you know

Same goes for BRYCE

When people draw stick figures you laugh at them

When you are used to hearing gasps when you tell people exaclty how long it took you to animate 'those 15 seconds'

Disney is god

You know who Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, Ub Iwerks, and Bill Plymton are

Paper dominates everything else in your room

You are always think of new things to animate, even while animating something else

Drawing 200 drawings in one night is not that uncommon for you

Heaing the word 'Modeling' does not make you think of photographing advertisements

Hearing "Flash" has no sexual connotation

Hidden Mickeys are everywhere

You know exacly why the Disney sequals suck

You know what PSD, MOV, AVI, and AEP files are

Tarzan is the greatest musculature ever

Not going to sleep all night is not unusual

You hate X-sheets, but you know if you don't loose them, it will all fall apart

Damn $500 hole punches

You can see the color change in Ratigans Cape (Great Mouse Detective) as he moves and changes layers

Flash really is a bitch

You can easily convince people to let you draw them

People act you are awesome, but you know they are thinking "Where the hell is the money in animation"

You know where the money is in animaton

You can find the 'soul' in Chicken littles eyes

You never want to hear how many indiviual hairs were rendered in Sully fur, or feathers on Chicken Little... ever again

CGI is not as easy as people make it sound

Neither is timing out the damn lip sync

There is no greater joy than watching what you just drew nonstop for a weel come to life

you know you're an animator when...

-someone asks you what you thought of an animated film and you comment on the animation techinques

-you watch Fantasia especially for Night On Bald Mountain and think wish I could animate like that

-You skip the Night On Bald Mountain because you are just jaw droppingly shocked at how much detail has gone into and how well animated the whole thing is.

-you think Fantasia is one of the best animated films ever despite your friends moaning that it has a soundtrack of classical music

-You watch a cartoon on TV and start noticing repeated frames or backgrounds with ease.

-you know that Tim Burton started as an animator for The Fox And The Hound

-You know that Tim Burton worked on The Black Cauldron

-You know that Vincent was Tim Burton's first success at stop motion and not Nightmare Before Christmas.

-You know that Don Bluth walked out (with over 30 other members of staff)half through The Fox and The Hound because he felt Disney were going downhill.

-You hate to admit it perhaps but a mac is more suited for animation than a pc.

-You refuse to watch the sequels to An American Tale,The Land Before Time,Fievel Goes West or All Dogs To Heaven because they are a horrible mistake when compared to the masterpieces they are spun off of.

-You want Tim Curry or Jim Cummings to voice a villian in a film of yours because they do it so brilliant.

-You demand to know why Basil The Great Mouse Dectitive is such an overlooked film.(Is it because there are no kiddy songs or scenes such as the showmouse singing ''let me be gd to you'').Also Vincent Price makes a brilliant villian.

-You can't fault Disney for creating brilliant villians who have a lot of depth,have an interesting look and are superbly voiced.

-you wanna cry when you hear the words from your tutor ''it's good but if you re do this bit'' with the knowledge that you have just drawn, fine lined,scanned,coloured and edited together at least a minute's rough cut.

-you say you do animation and your friends who don't do it say ''are you mad? how can you stand drawing that much?''

-your female friends want you to draw them as a cartoon and love it

-your male friends get you to draw them then moan that they don't look manly enough (u know who you are:D)

-you try to be sneaky in using repeated frames and hope your teacher doesn't notice because your deadline is getting closer

-you spend a lot of time listening to music while coming up with concept art or drawing frames or waiting for rendering

-someone says ''render'' and you wanna cry

-you spend five hours rendering then your computer crashes or the program reboots before it's finished

-someone (from outside the knowledge of animation) looks at your work and goes''is that it?'' despite the fact you have just been spending at least 7 hrs a day for 15 weeks working on it and you feel the sudden urge to thump them.

-People who do a subject like photography think they work harder than you when all they do is take a picture and edit it where as you have to come up with a storyline,script,storyboard,character design,background design,colour design,voices for characters,music,edit it,render it and then burn to dvd or whatever.

-you have pratically no social life when animating during term time (most people doing animation at my uni will agree with that:))

-Looney Tunes not only make you laugh but the artwork and animation is draw you back to watch again and again

-you watch Tom And Jerry and are in awe at how they kept the idea fresh for so many episodes while relying on no dialogue and just let the movement and facial expressions do all the talking.

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