The Wedding of Alex and Nikki Smith

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The Wedding of Alex and Nikki Smith

Postby Barry » Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:11 pm

28th December 2008

Bizarrely my work has been responsible for at least two weddings and several relationships. There was a couple who met standing in front of the sets of Rigoletto that were on display in Cardiff. They got chatting, and eventually got married. And now my dearest pals Alex and Nikki have just got married. They met properly durign rehearsals of my Habeas Corpus, of which there is plenty of photographic evidence on this site. It was that sort of play, with much running round in underwear and groping of breasts, and mad dancing. That was two years ago, and their wedding was in the beautiful Buckland Hall, overlooking a valley in deepest Brecon. There couldn't have been a better venue, a greater view or nicer people. It was an informal country house weekend with a wedding thrown in. And what a wedding, and I was touched beyond words to do the reading.....The two of Us, by Milne. A lovely eccentric piece about companionship, that seemed so right. I hope I did it justice....certainly my own Pooh was there on the lecturn.
The 48 hours we were there included so much delicious vegetarian food, energetic Canadian billiards, a quiz won by Team Garrick, an aerobics class, walking, more eating, thick frost, the wedding, singing, the reception, still more food, and a heart stopping send off of 30 sky lanterns, dancing, much chatting, so much laughter, a lot of tears and still more food. this is certainly not part of my usual social lexicon but I enjoyed this, though I did retire to the library, with miss scarlett and a mince pie when the band started.
But I was very touched to be part of it, flattered and a touched to be asked to do the sole reading. Another example of the family of the Garrick pulling together.
Thank you Alex and Nikki, and you both looked absolutely gorgeous.
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