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Postby Joe » Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:11 pm

Well Barry, it was only last Friday that we all met up outside Cosgrove/Hall to say our farewells to the place and to recall the good times with old colleagues.
Now it seems we will be going down that same road with Hot Animation.
The date has been set for the doors to close on the studios in Altringham.
Looks like Bob is going bust and the old builders yard, as we know it, is to close for ever.
What will digital Bob look like; will he skid about like the new Noddy does?
Will he have a transparent, plastic look about him?
So what happened to the governments concerns about not enough children’s programming being generated in the UK?
For all you budding young and old animators out there; keep on producing the brilliant work you have always produced. Animation is a great art form and brings back the best memories of my childhood…..
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