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Canterbury Anifest 09

Postby Barry » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:05 am

November 9th 2009

I'm just back from two days down in Canterbury. Yesterday was all about Rupert Bear's birthday but today I was back at Anifest, with two sessions. I wish I'd been to see Animal Farm yesterday and a session about motion capture - they might have convinced me to love it. I have to confess i am somewhat allergic to it just now. Anyway my sessions were firstly about Rupert - happily this audience loved the series, and I didn't get the aggression of yesterday. Hopefully I balanced the problems of childrens' television in this climate with the pleasure and creativity. The second sessionwas about things that make me want to do what I do, and actually I didn't show a single clip of my work at all, but ranged from Melies to ballet and so forth. I must get a clip of war Horse and a good opera clip. I hope i made sense. I was enthusiastic certainly and talked quickly as I had a lot to show. some great questions and good group of people - not enough to call a crowd but they were there because they wanted to be there. I enjoyed these sessions - maybe the fact that it looks as if I will make enother film that made me a bit more cheerful about things today.
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