Dorian Gray - Triangle.

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Dorian Gray - Triangle.

Postby Barry » Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:03 am

April 3rd 2010

Two dvd's in quick succession.

Dorian Gray I enjoyed very much - with Colin Firth in, what is not to enjoy, and it is such a stunning story, and they did get suitably decadent, but I think Matthew Bourne's ballet was sexier and more shocking and violent through not being so literal. Film orgies always look pretty tame - through the artifice of dance they really did become quite brutal and shocking. The titles were great and the aniamted portrait suitably rotting. I would love to stage this at the garrick,and really shock the audience. I fear if someone else got there before me, it would be the classic literal set approach.

Triangle intended to play with my head and it certainly did that, probably to the extent that I almost gave up tryign to work out what was happening.....almost. That's a fine line to tread between inclusion and exclusion. Maybe there was one twist too many, I don't know, but I do like films that play with levels and layers and time. Apart from the convulations of the plot, I enjoyed all the semantics along the way, the greek references, the birds, and so forth, nice little touches that played out through the film. And knowing they built most of the ship is extraordinary. A tense film. In a way it reminded me of the stage play Noises Off (without the laughs or sardines), and the animated film Tango. Yes I love films that play out the same scene from different perspectives, and I certainly have one of those in me.
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