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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:12 pm
by Barry
The Adelphi, April 17th 2010

I have a feeling that if anyone other than Lloyd Webber had done this, and without the history of Phantom, the critics would have been less than generous. It has moments, but sadly the sum of its parts just do not add up. A staggeringly lame beginning suggesting mammoth events to come in the flashback which never quite materialise. it is a great idea to set a sequel to Phantom in Coney Island, but the design, like the direction, is so bitty, terrible bitty, and you simply just do not get any real sense of place. It came across as expensively tacky, but with no real overall design style, unlike the original, and yet Coney Island surely offered so much scope.The great swirly art deco suggestions look out of place and at the decadence of Coney Island is tacky, and then at times the stage looks woefully undernourished. There is some appalling staging, with a lot of people standing around aimlessly, inspite of legendery Broadway choreographer, and a lot of walkign and very dull grouping, and the last ten minutes is unforgiveable. A beautiful glamorous american lady next to me stranded here by the ash, was furious by the ending, and its nonsensical psychology. A very clumsy ending and staged so badly, and yes I do think I could do better. But there were some great moments of astonishing singing, and the orchestra was suitably lush, though very slow tonight. Of the infamous illusions my jaw stayed firmly in place mainly becuase the staging was so awkward and uninspiring. the chandelier of singing medusas is so irrelevent and untheatrical - yes it all seemed so untheatrical, with no momentum or tension, and some ridiculous character developments. It doesn't sweep you along at all. But I still wouldn't have missed it.