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The Habit of Art

Postby Barry » Wed Oct 13, 2010 2:17 pm

the Lowry 9th October 2010

Four months deprived of culture and this very nicely replenished me. A new Bennett play, the audience cry, and there's be Patricia Routledge talkign about Mr Fosdyke's cardigan or Thora Hird looking wistful. Well that's not what this audience got. Instead they got a complex play about making plays, making art, why we make art, and the finer details of fellatio with rent boys, all beautifully wrapped up on many different layers. A rehearsal room at the national and a first run through of a play about Benjamin Brittne and WHAuden meeting again is frequently interrupted not by the actors wondering about motivation but also by Russian peasants wandering by from the matinee of the Chekhov. This was sort of Noises Off but with more interesting things to say. All the Britten story has resonance with my past in Suffolk, and got me excited again about his great music. Auden well, a shabby creature that certainly did not endear. A fantastic detailed production with much to say. That was worth waiting four months for, though I was overcome with panic at making the choice of which of several things I could have seen. coming out at the interval we were thrown into a mass of people wearing animal heads, or dressed as sacrifical virgins, or as Mr Punch, or as, and this gives it away, The Wicker Man himself. Yes there was Singalongawickerman going on next door, and the audience had put a lot of effort into dressing up. Thankfully this was nto the appalling American film. I would loved to have gone along but would have exposed my rather too detailed knowledge of that film. Hmm, what would I have dressed as I wonder. Well the jar of foreskins always made an unsettling impression!
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