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Postby Barry » Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:13 pm

20th October 2010, the Garrick

Ok, a farce is usually something people feel that have to apologise for enjoying, and they are usally dismissed as fluffy pieces of nonsense, and indeed they are but that does not deny the skill and amazing construction. This farce, a Ray Cooney one from the early 90's, involves a Parliamentary minister intent on having fun with a mistress instead of heading to make a speech. Of course, in farce it is the threat or promise of misbehaviour and the threat of being discovered that drives the plot. In a way, though all involve the pursuit of illicit sex, they are actually quite moral. Husbands usually end up with wives, and the the affair with the secretary is seldom consummated.
this farce had all the necessary elements;
confused phone calls,
straying husband
husbands' innocent geeky friend caught up in the mayhem often having to play the stud,
outwitting wives
cross dressing or ridiculous disguises
faulty furniture/windows
many doors
greedy butlers
mislaid notes and other such evidence
falling of trousers
voluptuous nightwear
misheard conversations
word play (though a maid here called Ivy Maria doesn't quite make the clever pun it thought it was)
cupboards to hide in
and so on.

And the Garrick did it proud.....perhaps not quite with the accelaration of manic energy that it needed, but it did have a brilliantly timed faulty windwo that trapped people. On tuesday they lost one of the main female characters at short notice and Beverley stepped in at three hours notice and was wonderful
I will defend farces, but crikey there is an art to them. They are not plays or even comedies....they are something quite different.
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