A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol

Postby Barry » Sun Jan 16, 2011 1:22 am

January 15th 2011 - The West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Oh dear, have I not really seen anything live or in the cinema for two months. Fraid so. I've caught up with a few DVD's such as Black Swan and Herafter, but A Christmas Carol was my first venture out for ages. My friend Garance and I have a long standing tradition of seeing the last night of the west Yorkshire Playhouse 's christmas production. In recent years it has been Alice, and Peter Pan, and Wind in the Willows and so forth, and I was a little apprehensive about seeing yet another Christmas Carol, and all the enforced jollity of the Fezziwigs and manipulation over Tiny tim, but you know what, this was simply the best production on stage or film that I have seen of Christmas Carol, and i have suffered plenty. This kicked off in alarming, no, terrifying style and wasted no time. The set, as always with the magnificent stage of the West Yorkshire, was breathtaking - rich, inventive, slick, stylised, imaginative, creepy and downright clever and spectacular. The graveyard of contempary figures making the statues was unnerving. Two huge contrasting christmas dinners and their appropriate lifetstyles a lovely touch - so many great ideas actually, all fantastically staged and choreographed, with catchy and haunting music from Jason Carr. Philip Whitchurch's transformation at the end was staged with a real clarity and joy in the midst of clever physical comedy. A joyous experience full of freshness.....thank heavens for the west Yorkshire Playhouse. The friend I was with said I should be doing this. I should indeed.
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