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A trio of great movies.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 9:32 pm
by Barry
A bit rushed off my feet at the moment, but I have caught in quick succession, The kings Speech, 127 Days, and Black Swan. Black Swan is obviously pretty close to my heart at the moment, with Tchaikovsky and people turning into swans, and I did enjoy it's wild melodrama and histrionics. Part of me was dreading seeing what ballet companies thought of it, as my experience of ballet could not really be further from this film. But it is imaginatively filmed, with some very clever tricks with mirrors, and the transformation shot is sensational. I'm just glad she did not grow a beak or that we saw the whole shape. But the black wings - oh yippee. And 127 Days again made me think of my tchaikovsky film, with a man on the edge of death reviewing and judging his life. A visceral film in many ways and reminded me a bit of the musical caled Floyd (aaargh, I've forgotten his name( about a man trapped underground, under a boulder. Same principal and with some equally clever ways of opening up the situation. And then the Kings Speech is a joy from the first embarrassing frame to the last gloriously uplifting moments, packed full of wit and warmth, and sensational art direction. A stunning cast of real character actors, doing little but saying so much. Only Timothy Spall as a rather panto Winston Churchill seemed out of place. But the main trio fills your spirit with the joy of great acting - and yes, less is so much more.

Do go and see all of these, please.