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Postby Barry » Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:00 pm

The Garrick, 10th February 2011

A farce, written by the guy who wrote the farce I directed last year, Don't Dress for Dinner, and who in an earlier part of his career was seen running round Spain half naked chasing dinosaurs in When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. Anyway, distracted by loincloths I digress, but this was a jolly evening, that could have done with a bit more frantic pacing, but I did laugh out loud, even if part of me was ticking off the elements of farce as they came along, anticipating what chaos that phone will cause when it rings, working out how long it will be before that character is confused for someone else - but all in all a fun night out. it was certainly a literal production, and there's nothign worng with that but probably our dazzling costumes, more physicality, more music, and the colours of our production last year added an extra element.
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