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PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 8:49 pm
by Barry
April 16th 2011

just watched a DVD of the 1933 Universal Alice which was simply extraordinary. Some very grotesque but suitable prosthetics and every effect in the book, and good chunks of animation. It looks a little low budget and stage bound, but it's all there and every character is there - more than most other adaptations. And what a cast.....mainly actors familiar from 42nd Street - and with Cary Grant as the mock Turtle and WCFields as Humpty Dumpty. It is probably the most faithful (other than being American and a parlour at christmas replaced Alice by the riverbank) and didn't see fit to try to be better than Carroll. But thank goodness for improvements in prosthetics.
I wonder how many versions of alice there have been on film, on stage, in ballet, musicals, etc?
There was a feel that this was a rehearsal for Wizard of Oz in someways.