The Railway Children

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The Railway Children

Postby Barry » Sat May 07, 2011 10:21 pm

The Garrick, May 7th 2011
I rather enjoyed this and it did feel like a good sunday afternoon. Written for Oldham rep I believe, and with scenic consideration in mind, so the use of Mr Perks as a narrator filling in the gaps, a lot of gaps, in the narrative wokred very well, though the play rushed the great great moment at the end horribly, with no build up to the Father's return. Very clumsily written. The children in the production were remarlable, and gave very assured performances, though I gather there was little sign of the performances in rehearsal, but as soon as they went round on the revolving stage.....
Some lovely directorial moments and detail, though I would have done the end differently and maybe not used the music associated with the film, and I don't think I would have used so much painted scenery - all very literal, though the revolve was good. But we were cheated of a representation of a train. I think I would definitely have suggested something for the end, but all this was very charming and quite emotional.
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