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Burke and Hare

PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 2:32 pm
by Barry
June 11th 2011

On DVD of course, and I really don't know the history accurately behind these two characters, other than their notoriety, but I did enjoy this rather stylish gravedigging romp! Surprisingly directed by John Landis, which may explain the rather confusing cameo by Ray Harryhausen, as Landis is a huge fan and friend. But the film is full of knowing cameos, of Stephen Merchant as a butler carrying a pair of feet, of Jenny Agutter being a gloriously bad actress auditioning for Macbeth, and of Ray Harryhausen, well I'm not sure why he was there. Always a joy to see him, but nothing was made of his moment, and he did nothing other than sit at a table wearing a bad wig. No nod to an animation moment or anything - didn't quite get that really, but all in all a rather entertaining film. Some lovely art direction. But crikey, how many films have been made about these two?