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Penguin Cafe again and again....

Postby Barry » Sun Jun 19, 2011 4:02 pm

Cork Opera House, 18th June 2011

Yes, don't shout, but it was an extravagance flying over to Cork to this glorious band -w ho I had not seen since all over February. But you had to be there. Everything went well with this today and Amanda, Peter and I sat on the front row dead centre, inches from this band. I know this is verging on stalkign but well you had to be there. This was probably the most joyous concert - well I can stop and leave it at that really. Such joy. The band all looked fantastic and sexy and charismatic and played with overwhelming energy, faster and more lively and yet with such precision and sensitivity. I've probably said it before but open my head and this is what would be inside. The music strikes such a chord with me, and each piece takes me on a joy of joy. I love the clever structure with little ripplews of other things going on underneath. I love watching them play and dance, stroking, banging, caressing, plucking and blowign everythign they can. They did not have a support band tonight and I feared the time would be so short, but they delivered over two hours of music that made me beam and me me feel, well, simply made me feel. I would so kill to work with them. There a handful of artsits that speak my language, even if ina different media, and these are one such group of artists. I'm wanting to see them again now!
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