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PostPosted: Tue Sep 20, 2011 9:22 pm
by Barry
September 20th 2011

not sure how I've missed writing about the last three plays at the Garrick. The first, Neville's Island, simply did not work for me, and I'm afraid was an awkward uncomfortable evening and not the Garrick's finest hour. Moving on very swiftly, Beverley and Malcom in the two hander, April in Paris, restored my faith a bit more. A lively, inventively staged short evening (not sure it needed an interval, but the bar does). A slim piece given some juicy performances - oh how Bev's dancing will be joyously burned on my brain for months to come. Staged with two chairs and little else, it raced along, and the studio was the perfect place. A good friendly evening. And tonight was Entertaining Angels, a play I knew nothing about other than Penelope Keith had toured in a limply recieved production a couple of years back. I was not excited but duty, duty must be done. And duty was rewarded. I'd love to write a theses about plays and films where the dead walk amongst us. It's a great dramatic device and we accept it so easily. Way back to Hamlet. Did the greeks have any ghosts on stage? This had a dead husband quite matter of factly chatting to his widow. Full of reversals and other peripatetic moments, and very very moving, with a moment with a feather that rather brought a lump to my throat. A most enjoyable evening. Thank goodness as I'm afraid the season got off to a bumpy start. Sorry, but it did.