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PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 7:59 pm
by Barry
Wednesday 28th September 2011, The Opera House, Manchester

You don't go to see this show for a strong plot, and in this show the driving plot of the two 'antique dealers' buying the Convent/Church and then changing their minds was all covered in one line. Hang on, that was one fo the main plots just casually thrown away. And the tension of whether Deloris will be caught is hardly there. But what was there was a nice clash of two worlds, well two style of music, and the realtionship between Deloris and the Mother Superior was surprisingly well handed and rather moving. I guess the plot is just a Maguffin for the usual clash of cultures. I was lucky enough to see a public dress rehearsal, and the audience were certainly on their side. A rather pedestrian set, being rather busy but not really producing any gasp inducing moments - all a bit literal. But the strength, and what a strength, of this production is the performances and the singing. Ah, there's nothing like live choral singing, and this was utterly joyous. And we'll never get tired of nuns jigging about and discovering the joys of the world. We came out smiling away.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:25 pm
by Barry
October 11th 2011
I caught this again last night thanks to Daniel organising some cheapo tickets. And I loved it even more. The good bits were even better, and the bad bits still annoyed me. The plot is dismissed is got through with such indecent haste, and the chase sequence that ties up the fates of the four baddies is so half hearted and would embarrass an amateur production. Nuns with a stick are realistically not going to defeat such henchmen. BUT by this stage of the evening we were seconds away from the big inevitable glitzy Papal finale and we couldn't wait - it was almost like a fast forward effect. Musically, the show is one of the best I have seen, or rather, heard. The sound balance was superb , without the orchestra drowing out the voices. I could every voice, and how joyous they were. Great choreography that used the movement of the habits, and the black and white effect very well. I loved it actually, but wouldn't mind just having an afternoon with them sorting out the plot. Again the set seems to work hard, with so many different painted gauzes and cloths for the convent, but to such little effect. But we were there for the music and singing and sparkly nuns.....and that we got. I appreciated the witty lyrics this time. Great fun, but oh Manchester audiences, show your enthusiasm, but don't talk all the way throug, text, or point out someone from Coronation Street.