Teaser for Tchaikovsky

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Teaser for Tchaikovsky

Postby Peter » Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:39 am

I have added a recent teaser for Tchaikovsky HERE. Be sure to watch right to the end and you will get just a glimpse of the level of emotion Barry has put into this film. The puppet by Mackinnon & Saunders is wonderful and, as usual they have managed to get so much of Barry into it.

I watched an early full version and I was amazed at the emotion Barry conveys through the puppet - and I would be surprised if anyone fails to be deeply moved by this film. The final version has a voice-over of Tchaikovsky's words, spoken by Barry, and this works perfectly - anyone who knows Barry will recognise some common themes there and his restrained, non-theatrical delivery is just right.

I think this film demonstrates how a producer, working to support Barry with a sympathetic understanding of his work, and the subject, can contribute to what I believe shoud be seen as a masterpiece.
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Re: Teaser for Tchaikovsky

Postby Barry » Wed Oct 05, 2011 10:58 pm

Thank you Peter for that. And I showed the film tonight to a packed audience at a Creative Calderdale event, and some people were excessively moved. Something unexpected has happened in this film, and whilst I am absolutely loath to admit this or take any credit for it, I have a feeling it is my voice that has taken the film into a surprisingly deep place. This voice of mine is a somewhat erratic instrument and my speech patterns so erratic, but for some reason it seems to compliment this film so well. I was initially hesitant about using a voice at all, and refused point blank to have any documentary material with dates and such, and suggested his letters. Irina did some wonderful and extensive research, and found some really appropriate entries, which have a dual resonance about Tchaikovsky and about me. In a way I am glad that I did not have the voice when I was filming as there would have been a temptation to animate to the voice. Here it just sits matter of factly, and is all the more painful for that. That a thirteen minute film can move people in complex ways is very satisfying. We seem to be witness to the breakdown of a puppet, and I'm not sure we've seen that before.
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