BFI Screening - tchaikovsky

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BFI Screening - tchaikovsky

Postby Barry » Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:30 pm

October 23rd 2011

I was at the BFI International Animation Programme 2 tonight where they screened tchaikovsky, and it looked magnificent up there, crystal clear and sharp and every sound perfect. It's hard to think it was shot in my bedroom. An interestins programme with a beautifully animated film called Slow Derek, and a truly exhilarating pixellation from Argentina called Lumina, or something like that. Utter joy and with a great musical score. I had several friends with me who worked in music as a conductor and composer and the commented about the use of music in all the films. The Argentinian one used it so well, and they were impressed with tchaikovsky. A big buzz at the festival and lots of friends in the business, but I didn't get to chat to them as my small group got whisked away into a wonderful wooden library, seemignly a private VIP room. Much appreciated but I hope it didn't seem room that I didn't get to chat to everyone. Had a good chat with my friends - between us we could have put on a show right there.
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