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Postby Barry » Sun May 01, 2016 3:58 pm

Sunset Boulevard, ENO, april 30th 2016

Tickets like gold dust, and this was certainly an event. The movie star Glenn Close playing a faded movie star twenty years younger than herself, but crikey she sprinted up and down some monumental sets of staircases, singing and shooting guns as she went, and carefully avoiding tripping over her voluminous gowns. A stripped back production with the orchestra on stage, and it all worked very well for that. Furniture came and went invisibly, and car made a special entrance, and the orchestra pit doubled as the swimming pool out of which Joe emerged and then threw off his trunks. Great to here that score with such a big orchestra, and the lighting turned the numerous scaffolding into gold pillars. But the script felt so pertinent just now, about aging, about work, about being a recluse, about being deluded.
A truly great event. Very thrilled that I impulsively got a ticket a week or so ago.
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