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A View From the Bridge

Postby Barry » Sat May 14, 2016 6:09 pm

A View From the Bridge - encore cinema screening 12.5.2016

I knew I would get angry after this production, but angry in a good way. For the last few years I have been harping on about artifice, and how the literal has no place in the theatre - and this was a brilliant, truly brilliant example of this. Neutral costumes, a defined space with one entrance, music all the way through and a few drum beats, no shoes, one chair, and a tsunami of blood at the end. It can hardly be called naturalistic in any way, but all this ritualistic, emblematic imagery did not get in the way of the very human drama. It did the opposite. It heightened it. no worrying about whether they have the right furniture or suits - it was so stripped back, heightening the drama. Ros, Carole and I couldn't breathe - no interval either. A superb piece of theatre. Why was I angry - because my theatre cronies will have been astonished, if they'd got there, seeing there is another way to do things. There have been plenty of productions with this approach, but it embraced the theatricality - and our theatre simply does not.....as I saw this week, but that is another story I have not the energy to write about. But in my own work, both stage and film, I try to create stark fluid spaces with a strong pertinent visual metaphor. Breaking the Code was stark and powerful for this reason. The non-literal is so much more exciting.
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