The Winter's Tale

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The Winter's Tale

Postby Barry » Tue May 24, 2016 8:23 pm

The winter's Tale - the Royal Ballet -21st may 2016

a friend and I have an expensive obsession. Ballet. Particularly the royal Ballet, and Birmingham Royal Ballet, and it was this ballet that started my friend's obsession. Mine began oh so many years ago. But we saw this production when it was new two years ago, and Rob has since seen it live at the ROH. The company have just brought it back, and so tickets were booked, three rows from the front. Don't ask how expensive they were, or how much the day cost, but it was simply worth every penny. This production defines elegance and class, and beautiful storytelling. The design contrast Sicily and Bohemia perfectly, and there are times there's almost an empty stage, or just one item beautifully lit. All the great moments of the play are there, even the bear, and the turmoil of the characters perfectly clear. It would seem foolhardy to make a ballet about a play that has as its' climax a statue, but here this scene is replete with so many resonances, and the statue coming to life just stopped our hearts. It is a huge complex gorgeous ballet, and ne'er a tutu in sight. Please track this down. It's gorgeous. It's funny how The winter's tale used to be one of Shakespeare's unloved play, but there's this ballet, a very high profile recent play with Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh, and now an opera. Forgiveness should never go out of fashion.
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