last couple of weeks

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last couple of weeks

Postby Barry » Sat Jun 11, 2016 1:18 pm

All pale under the shadow of The Winter's tale at the Royal Opera house three weeks ago, but I did get to see Bernadette Peters in concert.....a real dame of the theatre, musicals especially, and her concert featured some darn fine Sondheim and R&H songs, all in that glorious voice. Very pleased to see her live. I wish I had seen her as Dot in Sunday in the Park.

Went to the Garrick's Hairspray. Magnificent singing and dancing and a great band, but oh a dull set, and that was hired. It added nothing, and certainly added no atmosphere. Ghastly. And sadly I have to say the lighting was just as bad- erratic and all over the place, and totally random. Performers ten, production not.

Caught up with the first series of Penny Dreadful. Gloriously designed nastiness. And before that, the first series of Da Vinci's Demons. Gloriously designed naughtiness.
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