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Postby Barry » Sun Jun 26, 2016 10:07 am

West Yorkshire Playhouse, 25th June

I was a bit scarred by the last Into the Woods I saw, at the royal Exchange, as it was tricky for tricky sake and imposed a really naff structure on it - hideous in fact. But this new production, whilst it has a very clever conceit, really playing with the idea of Children Will Listen, worked to perfection. A class in a primary school were working on fairy tales, being told them, and the tales happened all around, and everything became made out of the classroom. Swings became trees, paper handprints became leaves, books became a beanstalk, milk cartons became the cow and so on. Every detail was thought through beautifully - I'm a huge fan of the designer, Colin Richmond, who has the ability to design something as if this was the first production. Rightly, he ignores any history, and goes for beautifully textured theatricality and intelligence. A truly great production - there were my pet peeves, though, projections, but mostly they were cloudy moons and falling leaves. So often projections are done by people lacking the animation instinct. Ah, dear Sondheim, really is a genius, pity he has been so badly served by film. Oh the giant here, was a huge dismembered plastic doll.....truly disturbing.
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