Spymonkey's Teh Complete deaths

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Spymonkey's Teh Complete deaths

Postby Barry » Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:54 pm

October 5th contact theatre Manchester.
The Complete On stage deaths from the plays of William Shakespeare, should be more precise. that's 74 Ophelia dying off stage, and others do not count), but 75 if you include the poor fly in Titus and they did, and after an evening of absolute hysterical absurdity, the death of the fly made a loud house fall silent. How did they manage that balance of sheer laughter and moving the audience? Several times these four clowns managed that. Probably by treating the text with respect, but having fun with various conventions. We got death by Martha Graham dance, death by sumo wrestling, death by puppets, , and some glorious nonsense all the way through, but interspersed with some very moving moments. Funnily enough, the deaths of Pyramus and Thisbe were hugely moving. Ah those lines.....I hope when my time comes I might find it in me to be as eloquent as Enobarbus. Some inspirational use of costume, and some gloriously brazen lack of costumes. and evening of pure inventive joy - basically Next with gore and two hours long. But it was back at the theatre where all this started - the Manchester University theatre. Oh I was responsible for some not very good moments on that stage, but last ngiht I came away so moved by the characters and their predicaments. Darn you, Mr Shakespeare, you won't let go, will you?
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