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Postby Barry » Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:22 pm

Sweeney Todd, the Garrick, 10th October

My fifth Sweeney Todd in under two years, having seen all incarnations of the west Yorkshire, royal exchange, WNO version, and then the ENO version last year. This one offered no surprised or no particular take, but heck, it worked. The idea behind the 40s costumes were somewhat at odds with the set, unless all the corrugated sheeting was suggesting life after the war/blitz. A good period to set it in, with everyone at their wits' ends trying to make ends meet, but i'm not sure that was followed. But this was all about ice cold performances and the chorus sliding down the wall, turning away from the events. It's hard to watch such a production when there is a production ready formed and designed in my head. Mine would have been more abstract and bloodier and more theatrical, but would it have got the amazing reaction this straight forward and rather literal production has? Perhaps not. But an evening of great performances, striking lighting, and Sondheim coming over loud and clear with the masterpiece that is Sweeney Todd.
Our red petals had hardly fluttered to the ground for the last time before the red blood started spouting, and the theatre is now full of new injokes. A similar ball but with different masks.
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