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Sweet Charity

Postby Barry » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:20 pm

The Royal Exchange, Manchester, December 31st 2016

Oh this was a perfect way to avoid the horrors of new Year. A great show, great company, and home with the door locked by twelve. And it was a great show. I know the piece well having directed it back in 1984. The Royal exchange is, of course, in the round so that immediately threw out the traditional barre for big spender, and thank goodness. Everything about this show had been rethought. I confess that perhaps the book scenes were not written with the economy with which we are now used, and there did seem lengthy periods between the huge numbers. The frug, unlike the black and white of the film, was a riot of reds, and angular movement, and a spectacular gent in a kilt. Does the number do anything, well Charity and Vidor have to go somewhere so a trendy nightclub will do, but it was a joy to watch. Slickly staged with my beloved trick of actors just handing each other coats and phones as and when, and with actors lurking in delicious poses watching the action. Poor Charity she doesn't have much luck, but seems to keep going. Yep, a thrilling evening to end a difficult year, and darn I want to get directing again - anything please.
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