The year so far....

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The year so far....

Postby Barry » Sat Feb 04, 2017 8:25 pm

...has been a busy one as far as seeing theatre pieces is concerned. The Tempest, Seven acts of Mercy, The Rover, Sweet Charity, Billy Elliot, Handbagged, Amadeus, Strictly ballroom, Gaslight, and this afternoon, The Curious incident of the dog in the nightime. And not a dud among them, but what they are share is a glorious meta theatricality, and staging that is anything but literal. Let's hope any literal qualities in theatre and yes, animation, are long since dead. Most of the pieces above played with the characters being aware of the audience and being in a play. This has the effect of releasing the narrative. heck, if Curious incident had had sets wheeled on for each location depicted it would have made for a very long evening. Theatre is about metaphor, a lie that tells the truth, and about fluid spaces. All of these, save for Gaslight, had this in abundance. I've felt pretty down after most of these events, as my creative juices are a bit thin at the moment, and I have to not just be creative, but I have to create, not just organise. Of the pieces above Curious incident was probably the greatest piece of stagecraft, with so much to say. Very clever how the story developed and became a play of the story, with a brilliant curtain call. I've done well so far this year, but work is finishing soon so I will have to be careful with money. If only I could get asked to produce a piece of theatre. It may be hubris but I know I could create something to rival the best of the above. I'm afraid, there really is nothing like theatre for me, nothing that nourishes me so much, nothing that excites, frustrates me and depresses me so much.
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