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Postby Barry » Sun Apr 09, 2017 1:13 pm

April 9th 2017
In haste but I saw A Monster calls and enjoyed the metaphor and the questions it raised, and loved the tree. I also watched Hidden Figures which was a hugely entertaining film standing up for the forgotten - quite how conveniently true it was I don't know, but it is still shocking to think that such events were happening in my lifetime.
I caught the live screening of Twelfth Night from the national, and this was utter joy, especially with its' approach to Malvolia, who was the central thread here, and the final images, during Feste's final song, summoning up all the characters' journey was a lovely touch. I still have a beef with Will Shakey for writing Orsino out for so long, for suddenly introducing Fabian who is a bore and well, just who the hell is he, and why does he hijack some of the best scenes, and then finally for not having Maria in the garden letter scene - it was she who was instrumental in all this but suddenly she is gone. But this was a great production.
And yesterday I saw SMAOS' production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. a huge show crammed into a small space, and necessarily including most of the female members of the company with diluted the overtly drag/machismo feel to the show. But still a great show and that they got it all together was something of a marvel.
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