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42nd Street

Postby Barry » Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:57 pm

April 15th Drury Lane

So I saw this new revival this afternoon, and loved it. I was due to sit in an aisle seat second row stalls (not cheap) but gave my seat to a less abled gent who was literally crammed into the corner seat on the front row (cheap seat). he was happy and comfortable and I was more than happy but not so comfortable. Very happy to be as near as you can be, catching all the detail and the actors counting in the wings. I have recently posted in a theatre forum hoping that the show might have been reinvented in some way, with a bit more depth, and yes they have made it bigger and bolder and brasher, adding a song and number here and there, and that huge staircase, but what did disappoint me was the set. Yes, it is hugely impressive and worth every penny, but I still wanted one overall design idea/concept, or some cohesion in the design, and certainly I wanted some difference between the onstage visuals and the 'real life' story - it was just one gaudy, colourful mish mash of styles and ideas, with very solid real set pieces, then moments later some impressionistic cloth and a table. It was impressive, but how impressive it might have been to have subdued tones or monochrome backstage, leading to those explosions of colours in the numbers. As it was as the curtain rose on that famous scene, every pair of shoe was a different bright colour. But heck I enjoyed it, with every actor so focussed, and seldom do we see 55 people on stage. I hope this has a long life. A brash, bold piece of theatre. And how strange to have a show that has no concrete romance, except with the theatre itself. I was a happy easter Bunny. This may be my last indulgence for a while as work finishes in three weeks.

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