Birmingha, Royal Ballet Triple Bill

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Birmingha, Royal Ballet Triple Bill

Postby Barry » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:13 am

The Hippodrome, Birmingham, 22nd June 2017

Now, here I was in my element. a triple Bill of a new piece about Pan, Le baisee de la Fee, and finally , Pineapple Poll - a brilliantly balanced bill, going from dark to utter joyous silliness. All three were splendidly designed and lit, and danced with charisma. Arcadia, the Pan ballet, did not have a plot so much, but was based on Pan and his influence. Gorgeously staged, and William Bracewell as Pan certainly fit the image in my head. The trip was made even more exceptional by spending some time with David B who took us back stage, and casually past the penguin Café costumes. I was beyond giddy. I was trying to play it cool, but could not resist picking up the masks. And walking into the three huge studios and my heart missed a beat and wanted to be twenty and tall and slim and fit and wanted to dance round those rooms. Live theatre, and backstage - yep, that does it for me.
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