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Postby Barry » Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:39 pm

July 7th 2017
With Empire magazine having voted The Godfather as the best film ever, it was time to revisit it, and indeed I did. It's certainly a very brown film, and gloomy, but tense, and epic, and coldly gruesome, but is it the best film ever. I couldn't get past some of the mumbling, and at times wanted to watch Titus Andronicus which it resembles, but with better suits and without the pie.
I also watched San Andreas which is certainly not the best film ever, but could be up for worst film ever made. And, I'm sorry, but what is Dwayne Johnstone or whoever he is. Don't get him at all.
After my trip to venice I caught up with Katharine Hepburn in Summer Madness and enjoyed remembering having stood where she stood. An unconventionally beautiful woman wearing marvellous frocks, almost being upstaged by Venice. And still with Venice in mind,, I revisited Brideshead, the movie, which I was a bit cool too first time round, but loved it and understood it more this time. They have still conjured up the Carnival with rather too few extras, but did get some impressive shots of the Canal looking empty of modern boats and such.
ah there was also a live screening of Verdi's Italian opera set in France, La Boheme, live from a stunning mountain top amphitheatre in sicily with a mainly Chinese cast, with a set of blocks of masonry. Belief was suspended and it still worked.
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