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Postby Barry » Sat Jul 15, 2017 10:53 am

Royal Exchange July 12th

well I was back at the exchange, and here was another show using a monumental slab of something slowly spinning. This was a co -production with The Manchester International Festival, which usually means over produced, obscure and not quite ready. But this was a devised piece and was a bit self consciously meta, actually acknowledging it was about three guys devising a piece about three guys devising a piece about Fathers. And so the stories came, cross cutting, chanted, fragmented - not unlike Chorus Line and the dancer's stories. Very viscerally staged, and yes this was impressive, but the stories, save for a gruesome one about a fire fighter, have slipped my mind. All strangely masculine but entirely sexless. Suggestions of bonding round a camp fire, and at one point a chorus of fifty charged and chanted on stage, and suddenly the whole thing took off, but I left thinking the staging was magnificent, the play less so. Perhaps I was jealous as I was not involved with the community chorus - except I could not have chanted like that.
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