The Pirate Queen, and Angels in america.

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The Pirate Queen, and Angels in america.

Postby Barry » Mon Jul 24, 2017 5:48 pm

July 24th 2017
Two epic pieces of theatre, neither of which made too big a hole in my ever dwindling resources. The pirate Queen, by the writers of the Les Miserables musical, is certainly a curiosity, and there is no doubt which side they writers are on - Queen Elizabeth or Grace O'Malley. Grace of course. They paint the English court as absolute buffoons with tip top bouncy silly music, and the queen herself is a shrill demanding diva, who comes round to Grace's cause way too easily and with not much conviction. and being familiar with the other shows, you keep hearing snippets and colours from elsewhere. It is a hugely flawed musica, with maybe one celbratory musical number too many. But this youth company in Manchester rose above all that, and learnt some amazing irish dancing, and complicated songs. Much of the staging seemed to be based on the ill fated broadway show, but great to see almost 50 people dancing. A very rogue wigs and nativity style cloaks let things down, but this was a special achievement, and the Queen herself was excellent in spite of the panto writing and characterisation. I can see why it didn't last.
And then that epic, angels in America, well part one at least. Just under four hours, and what thought provoking pleasure and drama - so much to think about and process. Beautifully and rather cleverly staged, with seemingly random scenes suddenly taking on significance. Part two in a few days is going to be tough. watch this space.
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