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Postby Barry » Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:13 pm

The Lowry 22nd September 2017

I had managed to miss this glorious production each time it had visited, but oh I was thrilled to see it, and a sequence where Aladdin visits the cave and sees the jewels, and dancer after dancer represented the various jewels did something only ballet could do. On the face of it it is absurd that suddenly jewels come alive and dance, but in the context it was brilliant and built up to the massed corps dancing, and it was heart stopping. The show was certainly a spectacle, and even if the flying carpet was a little precarious, it still flew. A great use of colour and some old fashioned disappearing tricks and flying. I loved it. and a glorious score that kept promising to go into ET but didn't quite. A glorious evening.
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